Escuminac Maple Syrup Great Harvest

Escuminac Maple Syrup Great Harvest

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Single forest, Estate bottled, unblended organic maple syrup. A first in Australia.

How do you make the perfect maple syrup? Ask Martin Malenfant.

A master maple-grower and producer with 25 years’ experience, Escuminac is his (internationally renowned) baby.

Escuminac sugarwood is set on precious land in the Baie- des-Chaleurs in the Gaspé Peninsula where maple trees have been growing for centuries. Harvested, processed and bottled on the property, the resulting syrup has a subtle saltiness from the sea air and reflects the unique ‘terroir’ of the region. It also boasts over five times the polyphenols (healthful antioxidants) of honey.

Escuminac is made with extreme respect for the environment, adhering to organic, biological principles and Quebecoise tradition. As such, it’s one of the only ‘craft’ syrups available for export.

This is the serious stuff! Hand-crafted maple syrup like  you’ve never tasted before – flavourful, full-bodied, rounded, textured with a note of buttered brown sugar, date puree, English toffee and green anise. A Grand Cru!