about us

We stock the gourmet food flavours of the North Coast of New South Wales Australia, along side the best the rest of the world has to offer. Our products are designed to challenge and excite you. We seek out small gourmet producers, many that are unknown and in their infancy, and showcase their specialty products. We stock food that taste of the love and passion the producers have for what they do. Add to that some of the best quality gourmet products that can be found anywhere in the world and you can begin to understand the magic that is The Causley Fresh Deli.

But The Deli is more than gourmet food. The Deli is our family searching for the best flavours we can and sharing them with you. The Deli is all the beauty and spirit of Yamba and the surrounds packaged into something you can eat and experience on a picnic rug by the lighthouse, over the dinner table with family and friends or by the fire with a glass of wine and that special someone.

For great products and fast, fantastic service, buy your gourmet food online at Causley Fresh Deli.

How It All Started

Causley Fresh has its origins in wholesale fruit & veg. Long before we had any shops we were delivering boxes of fresh produce to commercial kitchens around Yamba and Maclean and shipping pallets of produce to Lord Howe Island. Initially 90% of our turnover was with customers on Lord Howe. With up to 3 weeks between shipments to Lord Howe we worked hard on sourcing only the best products and packing orders to endure the 3-day journey by ship.

Accuracy and quality were and still are the keys to supplying Lord Howe Island. The lessons we have learnt from supplying Lord Howe Island have been instrumental in driving our growth locally.

Today the trade with Lord Howe Island is still significant, however it is the growth locally that has transformed our business.

We believe there are 3 fundamental aspects to the wholesale fruit & veg industry.
They are: Service, Quality and Price.

A good price will get you an order but great service and quality is what will get you a customer.

Service means meeting delivery deadlines day after day week after week. We understand the value of your time. Your kitchen's productivity and efficiency depends on timely deliveries.

Service means providing up-to-date market information. Our customers receive weekly market updates and specials. Talk to Karl directly regarding the latest prices.

Service means accuracy. You need to be confident that you get what you order. We check and double check your order before it leaves our warehouse.

Quality for us means product fit for purpose. The closer we can work with you the greater opportunity we have to customise product standards to the requirements of your kitchen. Our aim is not just to supply the highest quality product available but also to maximise your profits. Talk with our customer service representatives about what alternatives are available.

Competitive pricing is a given. We work closely with our buyer, market agents and growers to ensure the product we supply you is excellent value.

We look forward to being of service to you and your kitchen.